Terms of Service

By paying this invoice, you agree that the Company (Eye Attract LLC) will provide marketing services/Search Engine Optimization (“SEO”) for you/your business. The Company, while doing its best to place your listing on the first page of search engines, cannot guaranty or warranty that it can accomplish such as there are many factors out of its control. You agree and acknowledge that the Company cannot guaranty first page placement (or maintain first page placement) of your listing, nor can any results of any kind be guaranteed.

Our obligation is to perform the services agreed to on your invoice in an effort to produce better results for your internet presence. We cannot be held responsible for factors beyond our control such as: search engine algorithm changes, website visitors behavior and/or engagement, you or your company’s business dealings and handling of customers and/or leads information. Bottom line is that we will always do our very best and work hard for you by providing these services that you are paying for.

We are not unicorns or wizards. We don’t perform magic tricks. We simply arm ourselves with knowledge and tools to do our jobs, and couple that with integrity, sweat and determination.