The Coffee With Phil Process

What our Service Agreement looks like in plain English

What Our Website Build & SEO Agreements Are Like

So you're ready to have your website designed and built or rebuilt. Maybe you've been anxious to get your SEO campaign started but you're apprehensive to send some young kid down in South Florida a sizable check. You might have a couple options, but in reality - who is/are the people or person you're working with? Do you know what you can expect and what is expected of you? Without all the nonsense legalese and so forth, I wanted to show you basically what our Service Agreements are like. I wanted to highlight the key areas of what they really mean and how they help both of us move the ball forward much smoother in the long run. Before we do anything, I like to make sure that you and I visit. This could be over the phone or even in person, if feasible. Let's get a full understanding of you, your business and what goals you are wanting to achieve. Then from there, I can create a sensible plan that meets your needs and your budget. Prior to getting started, I will send over a couple of documents for your review. Each one will require an e-signature to move forward to the next step. The steps are generally as follows:

This is a very initial phase that outlines what we want to agree to do and for how much.  A very light version, just to make sure we are both on the same page.  Once you agree, simply sign off on it.  This will then bring us to the next step.

This is what some might call a “contract”, however the main thing to keep in mind is that all of our services are either a “one off” service (like a website build), a month to month internet marketing service (you can cancel at any time with 15 days notice, without any penalty), or an annual service that needs to be performed for you (like our local listings package with reputation monitoring).

The key to this Agreement is that we both understand what is expected of one another.  What the terms are, how the financials are handled, and what services you will receive for those fees that you are paying.  

Please keep in mind that it is not my intention to lock you in to anything.  You are free to cancel or disengage at anytime – but remember that I also have a business to run with several pieces of my overhead that are running fluid from month to month in order to keep your services running smoothly.  So in the event that you need to disengage (for any reason), simply call, text or email me 15 days prior to your next billing invoice.

Once you have electronically signed the Service Agreement, you will also have a Credit Card Authorization Form to e-sign.  This will allow us to easily handle all of your payment(s) without the hassle of you having to enter in your information repeatedly each billing cycle.  Remember, if for any reason you need to cancel – just be sure to call, email or text me 15 days prior to your next invoice.  

This is the part where I will need you to focus for just a tad bit and gather everything that we will need to get your workflow started.  The better that we get all of this in the beginning will usually determine the timeline for completion of your project, as well as the overall value of the outcomes for your marketing.  

Things like logins, access to accounts, logo files and so on.  None of which will be any big deal, but it’s likely that you will need to take a few minutes here and there to locate each piece.


Although I have worked with many different platforms and companies over the years, these are my preferred vendors. Many of which I have an affiliate relationship with, which means that sometimes I might receive a small compensation in exchange for signing you up with them.